September Look with UB Vintage

Hellooooo everybody :D

Maybe this post is the most different post that I ever written, it’s not like a post that I usually write. I have made some photos of myself, and you know, I wear the cute one of UB VINTAGE top!

I’m not a model, hahaha… but I tried to make a good photo. I think not necessary to talk about how hard my effort to make the good photo. Oh, please, I usually write short story or novel in this blog, or share some pictures that I like.
But thanks a lot for my friend, Intan and Fitri for the pictures. Someday we need to hang out again! (I know Beachwalk is a great place and Kitchenette has a delicious food :p)

I want to tell you all, the top that I wear in the photos is UB VINTAGE. The top has a unique cut, nice color mix and sweet flower :) xoxo. Mbak Ani as an owner of UB VINTAGE gave me it! Thanks so much Mbak Ani :)

Black color with flower motive on the front, and plain brown color on the back. Nice blend :D
Nice asymmetric cutting. It’s a good choice if you bored with symmetric shape.

I tried to mix the top with jeans. I usually wear a casual stuff, sometimes looks like a rocker (yeah I love rock music!) and I love androgyny style. But I think, look sweeter is not so wrong, it’s a different look of me! Love it :)

For your information guys, UB VINTAGE is the most favorite boutique stand in Bali Fashion Blogger event which held in Denpasar Junction, Bali, 4-5 August 2012.

Don't be hesitate to follow @ubvintageshop you will look more of UB VINTAGE's collections, and like the FB page UBVintage.

I’m raaaaawwwkkk with UB VINTAGE!!!

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